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    In the late 1950's an idea introduced by American servicemen caught the interest of several local people who began racing home-built machines around the inside of an aircraft hanger at RAF Fulbeck. 1959 was the beginning of an explosion that would span across four decades of increasing enthusiasm, from pioneering ingenuity to modern technology this relatively new sport is still attracting new devotees to expand the legacy. The original concept moved very quickly from the confines of the aircraft hanger out onto the runways of the airfield introducing a competitive element, which saw the inauguration of the properly organised club with Mr Les Shepard at the helm. Initially built to accommodate World War II bombers the base was a network of take-off or landing strips of vast width and distance, as the RAF ran down operations at Fulbeck there was a gradual transition towards training ground-crew personnel with driving areas replacing aeroplanes. The massive aircraft hangers began to disappear but karting enthusiasts having the choice of several interlinked runways travelling distances that would compare with modern daylong circuit racing.